Channel reflow oven

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Channel reflow oven

Part No: SD960W


ITEM SIZE1450 × 630 × 470mm PACKAGING SIZE1650*650*480mm


The machine uses infrared technology to strengthen the hot air heating system, equipped with special design wind wheel wind speed stability, temperature uniformity for new LED light source, BGA components in bulk continuous welding;
The machine is equipped with track-type, five-zone heating system, each zone using forced independent cycle, independent PID control, upper and lower independent heating, the furnace chamber temperature is accurate, uniform, heat capacity, fast heating from room temperature to work temperature ≤20MIN;
Intelligent heating curve, large capacity curve selection, with eight technology curve can meet the requirements of various types of welding processes;
Programmable control technology, the preset memory function curve, according to your default profile to automate the entire welding process; Using the thermocouple, and add a compensation circuit, the temperature measurement more accurate, so that curve more perfect;
PID intelligent temperature control technology, so that more accurate temperature control, imported large current solid state relay non-contact output can effectively avoid rapid warming or uninterrupted warming caused by damage to the chip or circuit board, so that the whole welding process more scientific safety;
The imported frequency motor drive system, PID closed loop speed control, with 1: 150 import turbine reducer, smooth operation, adjustable speed range 0-1500mm / min.
The independent wheel structure and the care level, special stainless steel mesh belt B word, durable wear smooth operation, precise speed of up to ± 10mm / min;
Independent cooling zone, to ensure that the low temperature required for the plate when the PCB board;
Friendly human-machine interface, perfect LCD, need not connected to a PC, the whole heating process at a glance;
Resolute appearance, compact size, reflects the technology-based start to finish. Countertop placement mode, so you have more space; simple instructions.


The heating zone quantity upper3/down2
Heating zone length 960mm
Heating method Infrared strengthen the system of hot air
Number of cooling zone 1
PCB maximum width 300MM
Transport direction Left → right
Transmission system+ Chain drive transmission network
Conveyor belt speed 0-1500mm / min
Power supply 3-phase 5-wire 380V (or mains 220V) 50 / 60Hz
Average power 4.5KW
Heating time About 15 minutes
Temperature control range Room temperature 0 ~ 350 ℃
Temperature control PID closed-loop control
Temperature control accuracy ± 1 ℃
PCB board temperature distribution deviation ± 2 ℃