RobotDigg.ME, short for RobotDigg Machinery and Equipment, is a sister company of RobotDigg. RobotDigg has been professionally manufacturing stepper motors, stepper motor linear actuators ( Lead Screw Threaded, Non-captive and Captive Linear Steppers) and hollow shaft stepper motors since 2003. ROBOTDIGG.ME specializes in Through-hole Technology Insert Line, Wave Soldering Machine, Wave Soldering Unloader, Auto Insertion Machine CNCs, PCB Milling n Drilling Machine, CNC Laser Positioning, Marking, Engraving, Cutting providing SMT machine production line, 3d filament production line, lab machinery, plastic machinery with local factory in China.

During our 14 years involvement in the market, RobotDigg.ME has won the opportunity as international distributor for the brands QIHE, ChangHengJiDian(Charmhigh), PUHUI etc, also are proud to be long term supplier for our customers. All products purchased from RobotDiggme are assured to be the same quality as factory direct, and enjoy the same after sales service as factory.

Our advanges: Competitive Distributing Price, Fast Shipping, Sound after-sales service

We're not providing you simply a product, we are standing at your side and finding the most suitable product after compariation with products from different factories what we know. Welcome your inquiries!

Ashley Liu

RobotDigg ME, your local purchaser in China!