YP-120 Tablet n Caupule Blister Stripping Machine

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YP-120 Tablet n Caupule Blister Stripping Machine

Part No: PY120


ITEM SIZE350x380x510mm PACKAGING SIZE370x400x530mm


YP-120 Blister Stripping Machine

The aluminum plastic drug stripping machine is an automatic stripper machine for recovering medicines in a defective aluminum-plastic blister package tablet, capsule, soft gel.
PY-120 is full-automatic machine great for laboratory and table used.
PY-120 can strip 65pcs blister per minute.
PY series blister stripper is in 304 stainless steel casing, micro-motor, first-stage reducer, roller combination, guide plate The micro-motor and the first-stage reducer drive a set of rollers that simulate the action of manually peeling the tablets, and the whole vacuum-coated aluminum foil tablets Are peeled off from the defective packaging board, and the medicine particles are separated from the packaging by the guide plates and the rubber-blocking sheets collect.
Machine Features:
Good appearance, simple and generous, not complicated, easy to clean, user-friendly design, easy to use and safe.
304 stainless steel, excellent material; using pure PU material roller, wear-resistant, protection of the drug from any secondary pollution.

The equipment has high precision and good effect. Capsules and tablets are completely granulated from the aluminum-plastic panel. The capsules and tablets will not be crushed, and the equipment has a long service life.
Reasonable design, attention to detail, the entire design process from the perspective of the actual user, safe operation, easy to move, different sizes, arranged plates are easy to adjust, no need to change the mold.
The products are recognized by European and American customers. The domestic users have high evaluation, good effect, small and flexible, convenient and practical. European and American quality, mid-range price, cost-effective.
PY series
PY-120 blister stripping machine can strip the capsules, tablets and soft gel from aluminum plastic blister package.