PNP Machine TP400E

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PNP Machine TP400E

Part No: TP400E


ITEM SIZE960mm*700mm*420mm PACKAGING SIZE1200mm*800mm*510mm


Based on Windows XP operating system control software, improved the product's operational performance, scalability, and facilitates remote training and after-sales service.
TP400E automatic placement machine in addition to coping 0402,0603,0805,1210,5050LED lamp beads and other small components for placement, but also can QFP32 ~ QFP176, SOP8 ~ SOP24 IC and other stable mount, effectively improve the placement accuracy and efficiency, save a lot of labor costs.
1, Double-mount design, you can install two nozzles, two nozzles can be arbitrary rotation angle (360 degrees) angle rotation snap, does not affect the placement machine mount time. X, Y-axis moving range is 420mm * 420mm, Z axis movement range is 15mm; 2, Comes with vacuum detection, automatic feeding functions: Component suction side, a vacuum is not detected by the automatic re-suction, if not three times by automatically stop working, and alarm;
3, Can be configured to 21 or 31 material feeder wheel (according to the chip size can be equipped with 8,12,16,24mm), easy to replace, stable performance and high reliability.
4, Can be simultaneously ordinary (Component) and the integrated circuit chip placement, the number of self-puzzle set on the circuit diagram can be exported directly, the operation is very convenient. At the same component placement height can be set according to their own different components, precision 0.025 mm;
5, Exclusive development plan view camera coordinate acquisition, visual programming more concise accurate, can be visualized to fine-tune each element by 15-inch screen industry online.
6, Exclusive development of mechanical calibration chip, and high-precision servo control card, motor drive cards, capture cards, industrial computer motherboard (quiet design), thereby increasing the chip placement accuracy, placement guarantee effectiveness;
7, The device having a wired network interface 1000M, 300M wireless WiFi, remote real-time updates to upgrade, technicians can remotely detect, maintenance; equipment storage space for the 32G solid state drive, you can store thousands of documents produced;
8, Developed based on Windows XP dedicated Mounter software, computer use within half a day can experience QuickStart; machine equipped with English operation interface, easy to foreign customers;
9, Setting component offset the entire board can be arbitrarily set the overall placement rate (the actual placement rate 4000 ~ 5000PCS / h, the fastest placement speed 7000PCS / h), repeat positioning accuracy of 0.025mm;
10, The circuit board mounting size: 20mm * 20mm ~ 400mm * 360mm (without calibration) (substrate thickness of 0.6mm-2.0mm); 20mm * 20mm ~ 200mn * 300mm (mechanical calibration);
11, Support PCB files directly import function, save a lot of programming time;
12, Support the single-step operation, decomposition mount operation, user-friendly debugging;
13, Improve the original placement accuracy, 0402,0603,0805 ..., SOT-8 ... SOT-16, SOT-23, SOT- 89, QFP100, QFP144, QFP176; LED lights: 3014,3528,5050,5630,5070, 6035 other packages (material width: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm), chip size: maximum QFP176;
14, Mounter light and compact, easy adjustment, easy to transport. Package dimensions length 112cm × width 80cm × height 51cm (device size: L 960mm × W700mm × H420mm). Packaged weight of 70Kg (without packaging around 45Kg);
15, The machine comes with two -0.1MPa silent type vacuum pump, without requiring the user to configure additional pump, small size and high integration. Low noise, no special requirements for the work environment, convenient set of lines to facilitate the production;
16, The key component is a professional custom imported and ensure high reliability of the equipment;
17, Standard packaging, inner mold EPE, the outer layer of standard shipping containers, to ensure that transit foolproof.


Applicable PCB 20mm*20mm to 400mm*360mm / 200mm*360(with Visual Alignment)
Max. Applicable Height 5mm
X, Y Axis Moving Range 420mm*420mm
Z Axis Moving Range 15mm
Nozzle Quantity 2
Applicable Components Min. component : 0402,Max. component : SOP16,LED light
Mounting Capability 3000-4000CPH, 5000CPH (made to order)
Mounting Accuracy 0.05mm
Tape reel 27
Tape Width 21*8 mm, 4*12mm, 2*16mm
IC tray 4
Alignment Method Mechanical Alignment; Fiducial Mark Identificatrion
Remedy for non picked-and-placed material Automatic : Mechanical Detection and Vacuum Detection work at the same time if there is non picked-a
Power Supply 220V/110V, 400W
Air Supply Source 0.1MPa
Relative Hardware Industrial Computer Motion Control Card Mute Step Motor Drivers
Software Bundled Software; Remote maintenance,diagnosis and upgrade
Storage Space 32GB SSD
Network Interface 1000M Wired Network
Commissioning Procedure Manual Commissioning and Visual Commissioning
Programming ducument format CSV ducument exported from PCB ducument


TP400-E Techinical Parameter.pdf